3 Simple Steps to Doubling Your Bitcoin

Financial experts talk about the power of not only buying and holding stocks but also buying and selling stocks with a solid strategy.

I took that advice and started not only buying stocks to hold for the long term but also buying and selling them via Apps like Coinbase, Stash and Robin Hood.

I started using this buy and sell strategy with approximately 2,000 dollars and made 2,000 in cash basically doubling my money in less than 100 days!

You don’t need anything special.

The strategy trades the ups and downs of Bitcoin or Stocks and you are looking for 1 simple number.

It’s as simple as opening your App and looking for a specific number.
This magic number tells you exactly what to do!

If you want to use this strategy follow the steps below…

*** Make Sure These Apps Work In Your Specific Country ***

Step 1: Download of The Apps Below To Use This Strategy…
(I started by using Coinbase and then added CashApp with my profits


Step 2: Add money to your app – You only need one of the apps above. 

I suggest a minimum of $1000.00 but you can start with as little 100.00 Dollars.

I use both Coinbase and CashApp but you can use any app(s) in your country that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin or Stocks.

The best thing about this strategy is that it’s absolutely FREE !!!

Step 3: A simple YouTube search for Core Compounding will give you a few strategies you can review.

My favorites are the Core Compounding videos by The Oracle.
The strategy takes 2 minutes to learn.

Core Compounding Strategy Explained

For this example we will be using $1500

  • $1000 will be used to purchase Bitcoin on the app, $500 will be kept in your cash account for future trades.
  • Regardless of whether you buy or sell you will always bring your balance back to $1000
  • $1000 is your base number and you must always return to this number

Here’s how it works…

1 – To begin, as mentioned above, you should have $1000 in Bitcoin and $500 in the cash account for the app you have chosen.
2 – Each day you will need to check your app’s balance for a 5% increase or decrease in your base amount ($1000). I found that checking first thing in the morning, sometime in mid-afternoon and then again before I went to bed worked for me.

  • If your balance increases to $1050 (+5%) you will need to sell $50 bringing you back to your $1000 base amount. Add the $50 to your Coinbase or CashApp cash account.
  • If your balance decreases to $950 (-5%) you will need to buy $50 bringing you back to your $1000 base amount. Make the $50 purchase using your Coinbase or CashApp cash account.

Now you actually have more Bitcoin than what you originally started with because you bought it at a cheaper price.

This is how you compound your Bitcoin.

We take advantage of the ups/downs and we are are always buying low and selling high.

As long as you stick to your base number you can’t lose.