Top WAH Safelists/Mailers


A Safelist/Mailer is basically a community of Internet marketers who have joined to profit from one another by mutually exchanging marketing messages. Similar to a traffic exchange you will be viewing other members’ ads in exchange for earning advertising credits. However, a significant difference is that unlike a traffic exchange, where you view ads on-site, a safelist/mailer requires you to “receive” and “open” individual “mailer” ads sent to you via email.

As you begin using more and more Safelist/Mailers the amount of email ads will begin to grow and grow. Each individual safelist/mailer is likely to deliver a few to a few dozen email ads per day.

** Separate Gmail/email account(s) just for Safelist/Mailer ads is IMPORTANT! **

NOTE: Someone who is proficient using safelist mailers will often be sending ads using 50-100+ mailers each week.